WASPI claims victory in latest stage of legal campaign

WASPI is claiming victory over the latest stage in its campaign to get compensation for women affected by the equalisation of the state pension age.

A worried pensioner with her hands to her face


The WASPI campaign for women born in the 1950s and affected by pension age changes is claiming victory after reaching a settlement with the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman over stage two of their compensation claim.

The Women Against State Pension Inequality campaign was set up after the Government’s decided to raise the retirement age from 60 for women to 65 – the same as men. In 2020 the retirement age rose to 66 for both men and women and it will rise to 67 by 2028. The High Court ruled that the change and the way it was done was not discriminatory, but the WASPI campaign continues to campaign for the many women affected, saying the way the change was brought in has left many women in poverty and arguing that women were no adequately informed by the DWP.

It has been lobbying the Government to compensate those who have reached the State Pension age but have been disadvantaged and for a bridging loan for those who have not yet reached retirement age.

In February this year, it wrote to the Ombudsman and asked him to withdraw his Stage 2 report into WASPI’s claims about government maladministration over the pension changes, which WASPI argues were not properly communicated to women, meaning a big financial penalty for many.   The Stage 2 report had not been published, but had been sent to a number of women with outstanding complaints, including six ‘sample complainants’ whose cases the Ombudsman has looked at closely. It concludes that none of the six suffered any direct financial loss or loss of opportunities to make different financial choices as a result of the alleged government maladministration.

WASPI argued that the Ombudsman’s reasoning was legally flawed and that the report would impact on decisions affecting 1950s born women. It said it would bring a judicial review if the Stage 2 report was not withdrawn.

The Ombudsman refused to back down or seek Alternative Dispute Resolution so WASPI proceeded, outlining their argument in detail while WASPI’s and the Ombudsman’s lawyers sought a resolution. That has resulted in a settlement agreement which has been submitted to the Court for approval.

Under the settlement, if approved, the Stage 2 report will be ‘quashed’,  meaning it will have no legal bearing on the compensation case; the Ombudsman accepted WASPI’s criticisms that the report was “legally flawed” in some parts and these will be reconsidered; and the draft Stage 3 report (which discussed what remedies should follow from the Stage 2 report) will also have to be reconsidered.

WASPI said: “This is a victory for WASPI – and 1950s born women. It will maximise the chances of compensation for the Department for Work and Pension’s maladministration being decided on a proper basis.”

The Government maintains that it has acted properly. A Department for Work and Pensions spokesperson said: “The Government decided over 25 years ago it was going to make the State Pension age the same for men and women.

“Both the High Court and Court of Appeal have supported the actions of the DWP under successive governments dating back to 1995 and the Supreme Court refused the claimants permission to appeal.”

*WASPI has posted a Q & A on the settlement here.

Comments [76]

  • Dee guest says:

    According to the press the waspi paper is in parliament today ? How will we know the results ?

  • Myra says:

    I recieved a letter when I was about 58, saying I would recieve the state pension when I was 64 and 8 months, several months later I received another letter saying I would recieve it age 66!!

  • Gabi B says:

    at 16 years old I entered into a contract with the govt at that time. I now find they have broken the contract, without informing me, and thus I believe they, the government, are in breach of said contract!

  • Donna McCabe says:

    I never received a letter ,also it’s disgusting that we are out of pocket ,get rid of Tory government they are absolutely useless.

  • Dee guest says:

    Someone should make a drama just like the post office scandal! Another government miscarriage! It’s like putting your money in the bank going to draw it out only to be told they are keeping it.!

  • Carole Gourlay says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with the comments on here. I was born 1956 and I never received any notification from DWP until I was 66 and they sent me a letter telling me they would be paying my pension from the June.

  • Susan Harris says:

    I was bornin 1956. Out working full time. I always believed I would get my SP age 60. No one informed me of anything different. I found out age 58 that the Gov had taken 6 years worth of my NI contributions. They are stewards of our money. It’s disgraceful what they have done. It’s our money we paid in for our pensions. We had a contract from when we started working that at 60 we would be paid our SP. !

  • Debra Wilson says:

    I am 65 in April and was not told AT ALL about this having to work until 66. and having declining health problems for the last number of years or so and having to stop work. I have worked since I was 14 and would have thought I would have got my pension to help me, I have struggled so much financially… I am absolutely appalled by the corrupt government who steals money from us and still they continue. and they can just get a way with it I have been in hospital numerous times over the years then house bound. Moving the goal posts like this for women from 60 to 66 I am so so upset as most of us very sadly develop health problems in our 50s and 60s, our state pensions would have been a complete life line and would not have had to apply for cruel means tested benefits, Only my opinion this, but I truly believe they did this because they do NOT want to give what we are rightly entitled to and they just want us to die off before we reach 66 as they are talking now of increasing it again in the next year or so, to them, we are surplus to requirements that is why we are treated so appallingly I have cried so much over this corruption and they are just getting away with it I believe in KARMA she will prevail one way or another

  • Gillian Hill says:

    I never received a letter most definitely – it’s a complete scandal – I had a very manual job for my last 15 years working and had no idea I would have to work till I was 66 lugging 15 kilo sacks about – if it hadn’t been for the guys I was working with who helped me I would have not been able to get to my retirement age .. how can they argue that we were made aware – the truth is that it was done on the sly ..

  • Debbie Taylor says:

    Hi there every one in the same boat ,I was told by a friend of mine was fuming when found this out as I had to stop working due to ill health and have been struggling ever since .

  • Karen Maguire says:

    I am also a Waspi lady and so annoyed about this. Nothing in the media about it for a very long time. We have been lied too and cheated I feel out of what we worked for and paid in. Yet this government can find money for all sorts of ther things like putting up illegal immigrants at a cost of 6 to 7 million a day, PPE that was never used during the pandemic etc. It is disgraceful.

    • Joanie Coupe says:

      Hi I received a government letter a couple of months before my 60th Birthday saying I am due to get my pension on my 60th Birthday and would have notice of how much a couple of weeks before this. That is the only letter I received no more information was given about any other changes. I was shocked when I saw on line what the government had done. Too busy lining their pockets and for there friends and families too.

  • Annie May Williams says:

    I have just reached pension age having been born in 1957 never have I been so glad to reach pensionable age as ridiculous as that sounds. I am divorced through no fault of my own and have had to survive on a small part time occupational pension for the past 5 years. I also had no notification of the intended movement of the pension age and I am adamant about that statement and don’t give a damn for anyone who undermines who it concerns when it doesn’t concern them !! I worked from 15 to 61 having had Ill health and numerous operations I was unable to carry on working. During that period I had to sell my family home as I could not continue paying my mortgage as not having enough money coming in this stress was intolerable. I then had to live with family which I still am I feel as many others do that we have been robbed of a good standard of life. As for the men who for some unknown reason feel as if we shouldn’t make a stand against what was rightfully ours I say walk a few miles in our shoes. Not everyone has good health to continue working until 66

  • Penny Nicholls says:

    I left my employment age 58 .worked from age 16. Left to be a full time carer for my mum. Where did our pension money goto. I’m 65 now. I want back what I paid in towards my pension. This is wrong on all levels I suspect corruption will leak one way or another. Goverment will be 1 of the culprits

  • Anne Pollard says:

    I have also worked since I was 15 born in 1957 brought up 2 children got VR when I was 57 thinking pension at 60 then no getting pension at 66 shock also got 41 years of contributions to be told I won’t get a full pension my marriage broke up 2 years ago and now on benefits my savings gone as cost of living etc through the roof can’t go to food banks as don’t cater for ceiliacs what did I work for feel it’s all been for nothing

  • Jackie says:

    I have worked from the age of sixteen born 1955 still working l am 68 my choice as l want to build up some sort of savings after missing out . Hope we get some compensation especially having our own lawyers fighting for justice how long can this go on surely all the evidence is there.

  • Lorna Menzies says:

    If the age was put back to 60 then people could make their own minds up about retiring and then there maybe jobs available for younger people. I was born in 1959 so still have over 2 years to work, if the age was lower I would quite happily retire and let someone else take my job.

  • Betty Lowrance says:

    Born end of 54 have a husband
    with a terminal disease should be spending my retirement with him not still working at 68 to make ends meet I’m just praying for some sort of compensation and I certainly received no notification

    • Lita Hancock says:

      I feel for you sadly lost my husband he didn’t live to draw his pension I had to carry on working while he was ill and after he died for a further three years I retired last year at 66 only workrd part time due to my own health issues. Carers need to be recognised and paid.

      • Lyn Hoxby says:

        So agree with you carers need to be recognized hope if you have health issues your making claim for attendance allowance or PiP no rewards for for term workers its a disgrace

  • Debby newman says:

    I struggled on hoping that when I reached 60 I could save pension for a couple of years while still working to enable me to have a few bob in savings
    Horrified when I realised I had to work till 65 then out of the blue again 65. I’ve had over £ 45;000 stolen from me

    • David Goodwin says:

      It wasn’t stolen ..the pension age changed for everyone not just you .. But it was announced in 1995 and wasn’t implemented until 2010 !! 15 years to sort out another pension source ! If you had been close to 60 in 2010 as my wife was you would have received a letter like she did with her new state pension date. If you didn’t receive a letter you would have known about it long before .

      • Elaine McCarthy says:

        I didn’t receive a letter and had no idea it was going to happen – and please don’t come back saying I must have been living on Mars as I can assure you I wasn’t !!!

      • Kathryn Carroll Robinson says:

        I received a letter in 2011 having no prior knowledge by any other means having moved to be able to reire with my husband and obvioulsy not able.
        I am not aware that anyone was informed in 1995 as you state. .

      • Val says:

        They do get things wrong as we see with all those post office workers accused of stealing from the post office. I did not get a letter and worked all my life. If your wife got a letter good for her then. She will not want to be compensated, but I damn well do as I and many more didn’t.

      • Marian says:

        Where was this ‘announced’. I was 60 in 2015. Does the 2010/2015 make any difference. Even though I fled a very long abusive relationship in 1998 I did eventually get unopened post and notified DWP and HMRC of employment changes and change of addresses I did not get any letters.

  • Barbara says:

    Born in late 1950’s and the first I knew about this was when I was 59 and started preparing to get my pension. I was shocked to find it was not going to be 60!(which I had worked towards) but now 66. I am a survivor stage 3 cancer and have had to adjust my standard of living to try and survive the 6 unplanned years.

    A major change like this should have been commicated years before but I never received any official communication about it. I was told by a friend who also found out the hard way. I have worked my whole life, I have never claimed any assistance and have served in the public sector all my life. We deserve better than this!!!!

    • David Goodwin says:

      It was implemented in 2010 ..everyone knew by then ..you were only in your early 50’s at that time and no where close to retirement age !!

      • David Charles Pearn says:

        What’s your problem Mr Goodwin, you seem to have a problem with the waspi women. Please just let it go don’t let it eat at yoy 👍.

      • Sharon says:

        What is your problem?

        • Jeanette Phillips says:

          I think David Godwin doesn’t no what he is talking about I havant met anyone who received a letter. I was looking forward to my pension for a holiday with my husband who had cancer and had to have a transplant to service I no I’m fortunate that he did r us to have to wait another 6 years rservice, but only for uu receive a pension for 1 year we had to life off savings, we are now living in a part referbished house with no money to finish it mine and my husbands life have been shattered like so many other. If Mr Goddard wants to see the effect before he speaks come and visit those affected. Not down grade women who worked hard but should not be belittle by someone not effected. It doesn’t make it right how many times he Saye it was change we Never got a letter. That is the cruse of the problem. We will fight on.

      • Susan Walters says:

        Dave Goodwin I have seen your comments in other posts and noted that you mentioned your wife was nearing 60 when she received a letter about her state pension date. May I ask how long her pension was delayed. I assume not for long as that would work out as her being born in 1950/51. She was then on the calculation of waiting 2 months per month from her DOB. You seem really insensitive to the ladies born later than your wife who then from April 2016, had to wait 4 months for every month of their birth. So every 3 months was another year wait. Do you think this was unfair on those ladies whose wait time was then doubled up. I fail to see how the government got away with this treating the later birth groups differently to the earlier birth groups. What is your opinion on this?

      • Susan Harris says:

        I did not receive a letter. I didn’t find out until I was 58. Stop with your assumptions David Goodwin.

      • David Wideman says:

        I have to agree with you, the initial equalising of retirement ages was fair. What was not fair was the speeding up of the increase to 66, which I believe the Ombudsman has flagged up. However this affected men and women.

    • Susan bennett says:

      have you noticed there’s been no news coverage or very little been reported it’s all hush hush I worked in a hairdressers at 14 worked whilst bringing up 2 daughters done cleaning shop work waitressing never claimed any benefits no letter about the age change to 66 it’s government theft I agree men and woman get the same but we women should be compensated

      • Linda johnson says:

        I agree if we wanted the same right,s as men ,a men’s retiring age was 65 so I think we should a least be entitled to a full year of our pension money back it would be better than nothing

    • karen samson says:

      The same here Barbara. I never heard of the changes until speaking to a friend at work one day. I did recieve a letter, however, it gave me a few years to “SAVE”?
      How do you save money when you are looking after a family and paying a mortgage?
      I worked until I found out I had stage 3c Ovarian cancer, it is a death sentance, the silent killer, so no working from the age of 63 and iv’e been struggling ever since. Like you worked all my life in the public sector, never claimed any handouts, never took a break to bring up children, but myNHS pension only covers the bills. Iv’e had to move, to pay off the mortgage, it is still a struggle. I am 66 in September 2024.

  • Tina Miller says:

    I was born in 54 and worked from age 15 with no breaks. Aged 50 I moved abroad and planned my return in time to receive my pension. The first pension change meant I would get this at age 64 then another 18 months was added so received it finally aged 65 and 8 months. I never received any notice and spent my whole working life expecting my pension on my 60th birthday. I was luckier than some in that I had savings and a husband. I estimate I was robbed of £40,000+ . I expect to be compensated.

  • sheila birch says:

    I was born in September 1960 surely this affects me too.. Why is it the cut off is for people born before 1st April 1960, I surely have also been affected and should have retired in 2020

    • David Goodwin says:

      You were 50 in 2010 when it started ..no where near retirement age .. Or even the old retirement age for that matter !!

      • Pamela Lee says:

        I was born 1955 and worked full time from age 19 through to 65 paying maximum ns fir most of that time. If I had been paying an insurance policy all that time it would have paid out as per the terms agreed. When I started work I expected to retire and receive my pension at age 60. As far as I can see I am owed over £45,000 in lost income.

    • Lynn Beck says:

      Me too, it’s unfair we miss out by a few months! We are affected just the same as someone born in April 1960 surely?

  • Jane says:

    I made all my financial arrangements around retiring a 60 then out of the blue found out I could not retire until 66 . It has severely affected my standard of living as I had to retire at 62 and have had to manage in my private pensions alone . I was never communicated with by DWP at any time

  • Chrissy ashley says:

    I, too along with many women born in the fifties had the rug taken from under our feet no correspondence whatsoever from any source of the pension age increase I’ve worked since 1974 and still working now it’s a disgrace I think we’ve all paid our dues and should have been entitled to retire at 60

  • Lesley Carter says:

    Work til we drop !! Shame on who run this country to allow , us.. the ” Workers” To have nothing really at the end of the day. We have fed into the system and you have robbed us. Robbed us blind. 65 this year, my body is done in many ways, being in the care sector for many years. I / We deserve to sit back surely ? Oh hang on we cant sit back, cos our backs are F***ed

  • Pauline says:

    I would like to know where all this money is ,I also was looking forward to retirement at 60 then the dates changed no notice given ,nearly 6 yrs of nothing it’s a disgrace the way we are being treated it needs compensation as soon as possible,and not a portion they must owe us thousands of pounds ,so unfair.

  • Janet says:

    Please just pay people what they are truely entitled to!!!!!

  • Ann Burlton says:

    I was a Registered nurse doing a physically and mentally demanding job. I was completely shocked when I heard on the news my retirement age had been put back to 62, this was just 6 months before I was due to retire, it then went from 62 to 66 absolutely disgraceful.

  • Harriet Gregori. says:

    Will we ever get compensated,they should keep us updated on this every month instead of having to find on Google,keep fighting waspi..

  • Lesley Stephens says:

    No notice of retiring at 66 I was looking forward to retiring at 60, not to be I had a shock when I found out I had to be 66 Ive worked since I left school and I’m still working and I’m 69 now this is wrong on so many levels

  • Magdalene mcpartlin says:

    About 8 or 9 months before I was retiring at 60 (as I thought) I called the DWP for a forecast of what my pension would be I was told “ oh I’m sorry we have no details for Thor’s dates as new legislation coming out “ so no information then through a friend was told couldn’t retire till 66i was devastated got my pension june 2022 had to work another 6 years

  • Lynn says:

    I’m 64 and became.unwell at 58 with vasculitas had to have 2 over a year off work . I left work at 62 as could no longer do my job I can’t claim anything so my partner support s me .if I had got my pension at 60 I would have been OK. I hope the government give the justice waspi women deserve .

  • Susan Dean says:

    I was looking forward to retiring at 60. Six months before I mentioned to my boss that I’d be retiring . I was told not for another 18 months ! First I knew.
    Then after the 18 months I was told no it’s another 4.5 years when yr 66. Again not told.
    Pensioner/woman this is discrimination and it’s blatant.
    Nothing has been equal on pay.
    Don’t tell them they won’t know/fight it. It stinks.
    When I left one job I was accidentally sent a list of colleagues wages. I was the most experienced but on 2000 a year less than men. A lot at the time.

  • Joan O Hagan says:

    I am coming 66 in June and now due fir retirement. I was never made aware of the changes made to the pension age from 60 to 66. I have worked all my adult life and whilst I was unwell a few years ago due to a cancer diagnosis I had to return to work after a few months as I was unable to survive on the low level of sick pay where as I should have had my pension.

  • Mrs Jane spelman says:

    Having reached the age of 64, I had to fight ish work due to degenerative spine condition. All I can claim is £80 a week, been denied pip, so now having to find some kind of work as who can manage on£80 a week?? I should have been drawing my pension four years ago having worked since 1975 I think I’ve done my bit 😞

    • Marie Robinson says:

      I am 64years old i never received any notice what so every about my pension ihad to leave my job over ill health problems i have very little money to live on can not do anything i i should of been apply to do i was robbed of the money that was mine i fell very angry

      • David Goodwin says:

        You wouldn’t have been told as you were only 51 years old when the changes were implemented in 2010 … 9 years away from the old retirement age and 15 years away from the new SSP age !

    • J.redford says:

      Try for attendance allowance you should get that ..I know can’t claim pip on pension but they normally pay attendance allowance to those who have health issues on pension now x

  • Julia.richards says:

    When I started work in 1972 I was paid 25% less than men doing the same job. When I complained it was not fair or equal as we did the same job, I was always told “yes but remember you will retire at 60, that’s not fair or equal”
    I was never given any notice whatsoever of my pension age increasing. I was shocked when I was told by a friend that I would not get my pension until I was 66.
    I had taken time off for children and my employer without my knowledge had paid reduced stamp. My husband was diagnosed with alzheimer’s and dementia when I was 59. But had to continue to work to get an income. It became too much when I was 63 and simply could not work and look after him. Whilst I accept it was not fair or equal the difference in retirement ages when without notice or consultation they changed the retirement age to 66 I surely should have been given compensation for the year I worked when I was paid less than men simply because I was female

  • Wendy telfer says:

    I have just received my pension now in January 2023 at the age of 66. I Should have received this at age 60. No information was given to me at all

    • J.rrdg says:

      The Tories will shoot themselves in the foot and loose millions of waspi voter’s unless the pay our stolen pension money back to us..we worked for that or childminder the next generation where would you all be without your 1950s born mother’s..to make us suffer in later life for everything we’ve done for this country..I hope u don’t sleep well..if you don’t give us our dues and I don’t care Wen u decided to pick on 1950s women to try and level pensions how unfair wasn’t just one year or two years pension you robbed us off.it was 6 years about ,£60.000 you took from me without informing or warning me.. so again I ask my MPs ..why me,??? Why women who have done low paid jobs all their lives to be dumpy in the gutter as worthless trash.does no one even cares in parliamen ..I forget it’s all men ..how unfair.should be equally men and women if u want to play at levelling up…votes will be lost mark my words Tories won’t win without the waspi voters,,..why me ???

  • Wendy telfer says:

    Do you think we will ever get justice, and get what is owed to us

  • Jeanette Savage says:

    Why can’t we keep this claim in the news weekly to keep pressure on this government to compensate them before there are no women left to compensate…thanks for all your efforts ..Jeanette…

    • Evelyn Griffitths says:

      I have worked from 15 years of age till 67 , I never received a letter , my mam was put end of life and I didn’t want her put in care home this was when I was 59 , so I phoned pension for the paperwork to claim my pension!!! I was told over the phone when I was 59 that I had to work till I was 65 , so I had to reduce my working hours to care for mam , I have worked till I was 67 to try and get some savings but unfortunately have had to finish due to I’ll health , this is how you are treated!! when you’ve worked hard all your life and brought your children up to do the same , your better off not working at all because you are knackered by the time you can retire. 😡

  • Sandie says:

    I was born in the 1950s. I was never told and when I was nearly 60yrs old, I got the shock. I had to go on welfare!! Things I had planned to do, I couldn’t do. At 60, finding out that I was definitely not getting state pension at 65, I thought it was a joke!!! Then having to go to college so as to get a better job at 63 yrs old. My cousin that was the same age as me, did not make it to 65 yrs old. She was so slim. I also used the food bank. I am so glad that WASPI organisers are there for many of us. I ended up gradually looking after my mother and doing part time temporary work, then back on benefits, getting carer allowance, so that I could look after mum. I seriously hope that we do get compensated. DWP staff administration made an error. In any other organisations we would have been compensated by now. But it’s nearly 3.30am.. I am going back to sleep.

  • Catherine cleary says:

    I never received any information about the rise in state pension age .

  • Mary Fry says:

    I am struggling financially. I’ve had to continue to work and with I’ll health. And frequent stays in hospital. I feel this decision is illegal, Two things can be done with money. Save it or spend it and either way it’s good for the economy. I am asking for my six year back pension. Mary Fry.

  • paula mann says:

    I never received any notice what so ever in writting or email stating my pension was denied until 66. Apalling having worked most of my life.

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