The best time for mid-lifers

Our regular blogger Laura Izard explains why now is the best time to be a mid-lifer looking to do work that fulfils you.

Mature man working on a tablet recently reported that over the past 20 years the employment rate for over 65s has more than doubled from 5.1% to 10.9 per cent. We are more curious and emotionally intelligent, fitter and sociable at later stages of life.

Generally, we have more energy as we know how to steward it and have fewer dependents. We are more resilient and are more committed to our employers and are very driven.

As a mid-lifer myself I am delighted to have this opportunity to write for This site is dedicated to you as a more mature individual – someone who can and should be surer of themselves having lived a life and who has so much to offer to the commercial world.

A lot of us find our sense of purpose at work and I believe that if you can line up your job with who you are and what you love, it can be energising and life-affirming.

Doing a job I love

A little about me. I am an in-house search consultant for a premium management consultancy: PA Consulting, based in London. I spend my day on the other side of the fence from people applying for jobs on this site. I place senior leaders into our business and I am privileged to do what I love. I get such satisfaction out of searching for and assessing the right candidate for the job. I like to believe I am helping people meaningfully in their careers.

I had several years on career break when I started a family. I did lots of things in that time which I believe have enhanced my employability now. It was just that none of them were in full-time permanent employment! It was tough to get back in, mainly because of my own lack of professional confidence. That is why I now have a website. Comeback Girl is full of free advice on how to come back to work after a career break and to thrive at work as an older worker.

As part of my day job I counsel a lot of people on finding purposeful work. I also get to be inspired by many leaders and up-and-coming leaders in my business who have tips and tricks for getting great jobs and then thriving in them. My experience, my CV and the website all equip me to give you advice here on to secure your own purpose-driven work. I look forward to doing that on a monthly basis.

Time to thrive

There has never been a better time for mid-lifers and older workers to secure roles. The good news for you is there is a war for talent and Diversity and Inclusion are high on everyone’s hiring agendas. As “age” is a protected characteristic, that’s good for you.’s editor Mandy Garner wrote on this site in December about the market no longer being ageist but rather “energist”.

I could not agree more. It is not the number on your birth certificate, it is how fit, resilient and curious you are. This makes you youthful and employable.

If you are wondering if you are age-proofing your life why not do the quiz on the 100-year life website and better still, read the book.

Careers are no longer linear and finished at 55. They are a long haul of ups and downs. If you can agree with me that the “best is ahead” and can stay open-minded about advice, networking and opportunities published on sites like, the future is bright.

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