Part time jobs for pensioners

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The number of people working past the age of 65 has almost doubled in the past 20 years. In 1984, 4.9% of over 65s were working, but by 2020 this percentage had increased to 10.4%.

Some older people choose to work part time because they enjoy it and are not ready to fully retire yet. Others work to supplement their pensions and boost their income. There are many part time jobs for pensioners to explore.

Working longer as retirement ages increase

In October 2020 the UK retirement age rose to 66, and is set to continue in the years to come. For many of us, part-time work is feasible as our living costs reduce – perhaps the mortgage is now paid off and the children have left home.

Part time jobs for pensioners can often be an appealing option – providing additional income and social interaction as well as time for hobbies and leisure.

Is it difficult for pensioners to find part time jobs?

There’s positive news for older workers today as employers recognise the value of having a diverse workforce. Some organisations actively seek those with life experience and the ability to relate to all kinds of customers.

Part time working is also on the increase, as people seek the opportunity to balance work and home life. Many companies embrace part-time work, as it often contributes to better wellbeing and productivity in the workforce.

Where to find part time jobs for pensioners

The fastest way to explore part-time jobs in your area is with an online search. The workingwise jobs page is a great place to start – just select the ‘part time’ option to refine the results.

There are many online jobs boards, all of which allow you to filter for part time work. Sign up for email alerts to make sure that you receive new opportunities and take a look at those that sound appealing.
Once you’ve found an opportunity that suits you, you will usually need to complete an online application form or submit your CV. Take a look at our tips for application forms and also how to avoid age discrimination.

What experience will I need?

You might be seeking work having taken a career break, whether that be due to caring for a relative or your own ill health. Some pensioners decide to take on a new job after years outside the workplace.

There are many entry-level roles where full training is provided. All you will need are basic numeracy and literacy skills. Plus, you have a lifetime’s experience to draw upon, which will help you demonstrate the skills you have in many areas.

What are the most popular part time jobs for pensioners?

There are all kinds of roles open to older people, with some of the most popular being:

Caring and support work – there are many part-time caring roles all over the UK, from working in residential care to visiting disabled and elderly people in their own homes. Many of these jobs provide full training.

Retail – Part-time roles in retail stores are very popular with retirees, as they provide flexible hours and the opportunity to interact with customers and colleagues.

Home-based jobs – if you would prefer to work from home, there are more options than ever, including pet sitting, hosting overseas students, telephone sales, customer service and admin support.

Driving – there are many part-time driving roles, whether it be to deliver groceries, takeaway food or parcels in your local area.

Childcare – you may choose to care for children at home or at a local nursery or pre-school.

Tutoring – many retired people decide to pass on their skills and knowledge with tutoring, whether that be in music, art, academic subjects or other areas.

The most important thing in deciding on part time jobs for pensioners is to consider what you’re looking for. Align your job with your personal interests as far as possible: if you love animals, find a pet-care role, or if you’re a keen gardener, look at roles with nearby garden centres.

It may take a little while to land the ideal job, but it’s well worth finding something that will give you a true sense of purpose in retirement.

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  • Luis Fonseca says:

    I, a pensioner, am on the lookout for part time work be it online, or any other suitable job. If I could be recommended likewise


    As a partly mobility restricted 77 year old pensioner with various past working skills including finance and customer service experience I am looking for part time home employment opportunities in these difficult times. Yet on job sites they frequently offer none relevant jobs just for the sake of it without looking into my details. Most frustrating.

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