McDonald’s is one of the largest employers in the UK and Ireland with over 1390 company owned and franchised restaurants serving nearly 4 million customers per day. One of our greatest strengths is our diversity; we have 129,000 employees ranging in age from 16 to 91. With 9 out of 10 Business Managers and a third of executive staff starting from crew we have a great retention rate.

Our Company

Working for McDonald’s is more than just a job. We’re a business that aims to have a positive impact in everything we do, ranging from environmental issues to our employees mental health. We offer good value, quality food and a fantastic experience for our customers, but it’s not just about the meals we serve each year. It’s also about the hundreds of communities across the UK and Ireland where you’ll find our restaurants, and the thousands of people who work in those.

Our Culture

Things move fast at McDonald’s, whether we’re serving our customers or helping our people build their futures. In our workplace, we promote flexibility, opportunity, equality and development.

McDonald’s employees come from all walks of life, but share a common approach: positivity. We know that happy employees help to make happy customers, so we want you to enjoy your work.

Older smiling male worker handing over a package of food

The new 9-5

We believe that to attract, retain and motivate talented individuals, employers need to create opportunities that genuinely work for people whatever their age, life stage, or ambition.

So in 2018 we commissioned some research, to map the new ‘9-5’ as we wanted to better understand working lives in the UK today and how this will change in the future – polling people up and down the UK.

We discovered that the way we are working in the UK is in flux, with people looking for a ‘job that works for them’. For example, many of us want to start earlier, finishing earlier.

Opting for longer days and compressed hours in place of the traditional 9-5. It’s all about flexibility and in the UK we’re no longer looking for a job for life. We’re looking for a job for our life.

More flexible. More rewarding. More choice.

The benefits of understanding how people want to work today are compelling. For people and for business. That’s why we will continue to create jobs that suit different lifestyles and life stages, whether it’s a mum looking to fit a job around family commitments or someone looking to stay with us, progress and take advantage of the training we offer.

Did you know?

  • Over 85% of McDonald’s employees tell us that they love the flexibility their job offers them
  • 9 in 10 of our Business Managers started with us as Crew members
  • Each year we invest £40 million in training to develop our people
  • 1/3 of our executive team started their career in one of our restaurants
  • We employee over 110,000 employees in the UK alone

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Male worker standing in a restaurant and smiling

Training and Development

Great opportunities at McDonald’s come with training to match. Every year, we invest over £40 million in developing our people. Every one of the 129,000 employees working for McDonald’s has the opportunity to take part in structured training, whether it’s in customer service, team work or financial management.

Plus, you can achieve an array of qualifications with us, many of them nationally recognised. It’s about you. Whatever you want to get out of your career – with McDonald’s, you can

Customer Experience Team Leaders

Competitive pay & benefits
Everyone has a memory of McDonald’s. What we want to do is make sure they’re always fond ones.

That’s where you come in
Customer Experience Leaders guarantee that every customer who walks through their restaurant door is welcomed, has everything they need and leaves feeling special.

You’ll spot and quickly fix any problems that may affect the customer experience. You also know what makes people happy and will go out of your way to make feel good moments they won’t forget.

Rewards and Benefits
Whatever you’re looking for from a job, you can find it with us. We offer our Customer Experience Leaders flexible hours, accredited training, fantastic career prospects and a whole host of other rewards and

Apply here

Case Studies

Mandy, Customer Experience Leader

Length of service: 19 months

Lady in pink top - smiling

Spending time with the family is very important to me. Especially my two boys and my granddaughter who’s the reason I came to work for McDonald’s, it’s her fault I work for McDonald’s. Because before I came to McDonald’s I was a complex support worker looking after people who’ve got severe disabilities and I looked after a young man who was a tetraplegic. So it’s very intense work and twelve hour night shifts. So I did four nights a week. So I was either at work, asleep and trying to catch up on housework. And when she was four at the time she just said to me, “Granny I never see you. You’re either asleep or at work,” and I thought, “You’re right and she’s growing up too quick” So changed job, saw the job at McDonald’s and thought, “Well I’ll go there and do that until I find a proper job.” And it didn’t quite work out that way so. I love my gardening as well.

The thing that inspires me more than anything else is people that overcome adversity. So disabled people. I’m so in awe of people that are basically written off or, you know, “Oh they can’t do that,” that go and say, “No, I’m going to prove you all wrong and I’m going to do such and such.”

The diversity of the job, definitely. Meeting customers is the best part. Not always sometimes the teenagers but a lot of them I’ve got on with now and banter with them and all that sort of thing. The little ones when they come in and they know your name when they start being regulars and the families. The older people that come in that are very, very lonely some of them are and they’ve come in and have a coffee. Doing all the different roles that I do within my role. So the customer care, the cleaning, the fundraising, the community work with the football team, the community work with the allotments that we work with. Just the massive diversity really. The families. I love it because we … as McDonald’s are trying to sort of make it a more family friendly restaurant. We get the children in doing the colouring and they love looking at what’s the next Happy Meal coming in and their faces when they’re opening the Happy Meals.

The diversity as well I think. Not just in the role, the diversity of people that McDonald’s employs so you know from very young to my sort of age. And it doesn’t matter if you’re straight, gay, bi, transgender, nobody gets treated any differently in McDonald’s. You all bring something to the job role. And I think that’s great.

I think because of my age I use a lot of my life experiences and I’m encouraged to do that. I’m also very bossy, I will readily admit. I’m very organised so if something needs doing they know things get sorted out at the front and the restaurant and fun days and things like that I’m a very organised person.

What’s your favourite thing about working for McDonald’s?
The customers, the different customers and the regulars. Love when they come in, your face lights up when you see them and you know what they like to eat, where they like to sit, the kids names, if they’ve been on holiday.

Take a step back and breathe. When it’s really, really busy and you’re running around like a headless chook sometimes you just have to take a second, go, “Right, what needs doing first?” instead of just running around.

You’re not treated any differently. And it’s lovely sometimes because a lot of the young ones at work call me Mother Hen. If they’ve got problems, if they’ve got relationship problems or they’re a bit upset they’ll come and put their head on my shoulder.

Most proud moment?
Conference Storytellers. That was amazing. Scary, very scary when you’re stood out on a stage in front of two and half thousand people, that was scary. But there again I’ve made probably friends for life with the storytellers. We’re still in touch with one another, we still talk to one another. We’re from all walks of life, all ages but it was just such a brilliant experience doing it.

Big Mac or Quarter Pounder: Quarter Pounder
Milkshake or McFlurry: McFlurry
French Fries or Salad: Salad
Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Selects: Chicken Selects
Early Bird or Night Owl: Early Bird

Mark, Customer Experience Leader

Man with hat on and t-shirt

I do a lot in the community, I volunteer as a boys brigade captain. I also support the Ganyan community.

I like most, meeting new people every day because every day is different when people come into the store, especially children. When families come into the restaurant I make sure they have priorities seats, show them the baby change toilets are and after they have their dinner I give them balloons to see them off and say good bye.

My top tip for getting through a shift is be yourself. I am always singing in my head, get a lovely song that you love and sing it in your head.

McDonald’s support me to get my apprenticeship qualifications, customer level practitioner 2. I have a mentor who helps me through my assignments and also when I am not well I get the manager calling to check on you as well.

As a team player I always make sure I go and find out if they need any help from me, especially if it is busy. If they want me to take a hold out or stock the condiments, I do it. I am always checking if there is something they need extra hands with.

I think McDonald’s want your personality to shine through, todays work when I say goodbye they say thank you for today.

Most proud moment when I won the first quarter best employee in the whole North West. It made me feel great, motivated and inspired to do more.

Big Mac or Quarter Pounder: Quarter Pounder
Milkshake or McFlurry: McFlurry
French Fries or Salad: Salad
Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Selects: Chicken Nuggets
Early Bird or Night Owl: Early Bird

Fred, Customer Experience Leader

Length of service: 14 years

Elderly man smiling with jacket on

My role is on the front, hospitality and my role is greeting people as they come in and making sure that they’re well satisfied.

Well, my first job was in the kitchen doing the breakfast and that entailed doing the round eggs, the burgers and doing the wraps. Then it was the mealtime dinner time was doing the fries and the quarter pounders.

I do judo twice a week. Fishing on a Saturday and golf on a Friday.

I retired early and my pension went down and I retired before I was entitled to my state pension so I was finding it very difficult, so there was a young lady who brought her child to judo and she sat there with a what’s it board and I was being nosey, I said ‘what are you doing?’ She said ‘I’m doing the schedules’. So, I said ‘oh’ and she said ‘I work for a restaurant’ and now I did not know McDonald’s worked as a restaurant, I always thought they were just called fast food.

So, I went on for a couple of weeks and then picked up courage and I said ‘is there any jobs going?’ and she said she’d find out. Two weeks later I got an interview and I started on the 5 January 2005 I think.

Meeting people, enjoying the crew members, keeping the standards up for McDonald’s, I like doing that because if you don’t keep them up they start to slip and then people will think what I was thinking, that you’re not quite good, but now it’s proved that they’re excellent.

People want to be treated, well I like to treat people as I like to be treated. You can tell a lot by body language. You can tell if they don’t want to be bothered, you can see if they’re upset and you can see if you can have a bit of fun with them. And if you get it right you’ve cracked it.

What has been your most memorable, your most proud moment at McDonald’s?
Getting the job.
Inspires me? Making sure that I get everything right when I go to work.

How do you find the social aspect of working at McDonald’s, have you made some friends?
Yes. We go out regular, I’ve been to places that I wouldn’t have gone if I’d have been staying at home.
Well going to a curry house or a, you know, it’s hard to say really but it has broadened my mind a lot because I was working in a factory, working with friends and what not who I still see, but this is has made me more sociable than I was before.

Yeah, I’m encouraged to be myself, sometimes to the annoyance of the bosses

Big Mac or Quarter Pounder: Big Mac
Milkshake or McFlurry: McFlurry
French Fries or Salad: French Fries
Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Selects: Select
Early Bird or Night Owl: Night Owl


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