Software Development Engineer II

London (Greater)
06 Jan 2021
06 Feb 2021
Full Time

Eurosport Digital is Discovery's primary drive into the Direct to Consumer business in Europe. It currently comprises two parts; - the continent's number one sports news website - and Eurosport Player, a leading subscription-based OTT sports platform available across Europe.

The business is in a period of high growth, fueled by investment in rights, marketing, product and content.

Job Summary

We are looking for top Engineering talent, whose deep technical expertise and problem-solving skills are matched only by their passion for design and user experience. Our team is responsible for building the experimentation and analytics platform for Discovery’s global digital platform.

If you delight in data science and using the latest in Ai/ML to help use data to make and drive decisions for millions of customers across web, mobile and connected devices, then this is the role for you.

As television and media habits change, our mission remains true to the principles that founded Discovery – every day we seek to ignite people’s curiosity to engage, entertain and enlighten the world around them through amazing viewing experiences.

The Direct 2 Consumer Group is a technology company within the Discovery brand. We are building a global streaming video platform (OTT), and a suite of applications to support all of our network’s brands globally. We are building modern container-based micro-services operated on AWS. Our platform covers everything from search, catalog video transcoding, personalization, to global subscriptions, and much more. We build user experiences ranging from classic lean-back viewing to interactive learning applications. We build for connected TVs, web, mobile phones, tablets, and consoles for a large footprint of Discovery-owned networks including Discovery, Food Network, Golf TV, MotorTrend, Eurosport, and Discovery Play.

We are hiring Software Development Engineers to join our Labs team in London. The successful candidates will have a track record of building multiple, high-performance, stable, scalable systems that have been successfully shipped to customers in production. Your approach and work will be exemplary, and you will have a proven background in driving best practices and setting standards for your team.

You are a key influencer in your team’s strategy and contribute significantly to team planning. You show good judgment making trade-offs between immediate and long-term business needs. You are a collaborative leader who encourages fellow Engineers and other team members to be more productive, by sharing your knowledge and helping to tie-break key technical decisions. You provide mentoring to other Engineers.

Key Skills

● Expert in Golang & Python

● Proficient in Typescript

● Working knowledge of the following Python Libraries: NumPy, SciPy, Scikit Learn, Pandas, Matplotlib, Plotly, Bokeh & the Go Lang equivalents. (Go Num)

● Expert in SQL, NoSQL & TimeSeries Databases

● Expert in event-driven systems, data pipelines & Asynchronous code.

● Expert with Docker and containers

● Experience of working with Kubernetes (K8)

● Experience in working with Kafka and streaming architectures.

● Experience of working with Istio Service Mesh with Kubernetes.

● Experience of working with Grafana and Prometheus.

● Expert knowledge of cloud security (AWS), secret management, and API security.

● Knowledge of, and professional experience with most of the AWS services, and deeper knowledge of API Gateway, Cognito, EKS, MSK, EC2, S3, Kinesis, DynamoDB, CloudFront, Redshift, EMR, and CloudWatch.

● Experience with Adobe Analytics & Attribution is a plus.

● Experience with data warehousing solutions and techniques.

Key Respinsibilities

● You work autonomously to design and develop functional changes to existing software systems

● You require little or no guidance from team members. You still actively seek input where appropriate and engage your team to inform and share what you are doing

● You can collaborate with other engineers assisting on features another engineer designed or taking the lead on feature design yourself

● Your software contributions are demonstrated to work in production, and your team trusts your decisions, designs, and code

● You consistently demonstrated good software ownership practices (e.g. code reviews, code comments, etc) in all of your contributions
● Your code reviews are uneventful, you prepare documentation proactively, and you ensure proper monitoring for operational excellence in production

● You offer enhancements to best practices, document, design, and architecture improvements, and as feedback through code reviews to other engineers without continuous prompting or recurring encouragement. Other engineers appreciate your feedback

● You can troubleshoot a production issue by reviewing source code, logs, operational metrics, and stack trace to pinpoint a specific problem and then resolve it.

● Demonstrated ability to work across product, engineering, and analytics teams to evaluate new ideas, discuss technical concepts, create scalable designs, and make tradeoffs to remove roadblocks.

● Strong written and verbal communication skills. Can communicate the results of your work clearly to your audience.

● A Master’s degree in a quantitative or technical field (engineering, statistics, computer sciences, etc.) is a plus.


● Good working experience and understanding of Data Governance and Compliance (ISO* + GDPR + ePR +PII)

● Experience with search engine technology (preferably ElasticSearch)

● Experience working in the field of data science.

● Experience with Exploit vs Explore problem scopes

● Experience with Contextual Multi-arm bandits and bandit algorithms.

● Experience of Thompson Sampling.

● Experience of working with machine & reinforcement learning techniques including decision making & recommendation models.

● Working with large data sets and creating performant search queries

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