Jobs for the over 60s

Are you over 60 and looking for a new job? Are you worried that your age might narrow down the field of opportunities, or be an issue when going for interviews? This article looks at the types of roles that might suit you – and how to land them.

older woman in her 50's discussing her career options


Whether they’ve retired or not yet, many people over the age of 60 are looking for new jobs and career opportunities.

The good news is that jobs for the over 60s are plentiful and employers are increasingly recognising the value that mature workers can bring to their teams and businesses.

Equality laws mean that it’s illegal for companies not to hire someone for a job purely because of their age, so you should have as much chance of landing a good job as anyone else – if not more, thanks to your life experience and past career.

Best jobs for seniors over 60

You should be able to apply for most types of job, depending on your skills and experience, but there are certain roles that are might be more appealing to older workers.

To narrow down the field, take time to think about what you want from your new job. Would you be looking for part-time hours or flexible working? How much would you want to earn? Do you enjoy working with people, managing queries and talking to the public, or do you prefer to work on your own?

Finding the best jobs for 60 + year olds is actually not really about your age. Much more important are your skills, work experience and interests. Think about your life achievements and things you can talk about in a job interview to highlight your aptitude for a role.

For example, if you’re a keen gardener, you will add a lot of value to customers in applying for a job at a garden centre. Or if you’ve worked in a customer facing role before you can bring those skills to any job dealing with the public.

How to find jobs for 60+ year olds

It’s pretty simple to find job vacancies in your local area. While it’s tempting just to Google “part time jobs for over 60s near me” – it’s more effective to use a job website.

Most job websites make it easy to narrow down available roles by job type, location, full time vs part-time and industry sector. Try not to be too specific in what you look for at first, so that you get a good sense of the kind of jobs out there and what might suit you. If there are hundreds to trawl through, use the search filters to reduce the list.

When you find a job that you think might suit you, just click the ‘apply now’ button. You will usually need to complete a few details and attach a copy of your CV. Worried about ageism? Check out our tips to avoid age discrimination on your cv.

How easy is it to find part time jobs when you are over 60?

The ease of finding suitable jobs for mature workers depends on the type of job you’re interested in doing. If it is part time work you are looking for as you would like to ease  back from full time work, then certain sectors often have more part time opportunities, including retail, healthcare, education and the public sector.

It may also depend on where you live in the UK. If you’re not having much luck finding part time roles which suit you on the general job websites, take a look at sites that are more focused on job opportunities for mature workers, like At workingwise all the employers advertising their jobs are open to applications from older workers.

The other option is to apply for a full time job that matches your skills and experience perfectly, and ask whether part-time working might be an option. You have nothing to lose!

Also bear in mind that flexible jobs might be another appealing option for you. Flexibility can take lots of forms, and more companies than ever are advertising their flexible working policies and options so it is worth investigating.

Finally, if you need a refresher on typical interview questions, these tips should be useful.

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