Jobs for the over 50s

Not long ago, being over 50 was seen as a real disadvantage when looking for work. But as the retirement age rises, and people stay fit and active well into their late 60s, the workplace is changing. In this article we’ll look at the range of jobs for over 50s including flexible and part time opportunities.

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When considering career choices over 50, these are positive times. Employers are recognising that diversity is good for business, and that the more they embrace people from different backgrounds and lifestyles, the better it is both for productivity and people’s wellbeing.

That means that many organisations are actively seeking to attract and retain older workers. At the same time, the number of people seeking flexible jobs and part time roles is increasing, so that opens up the field  of jobs for the over 50s even further.

What are the best jobs for over 50s?

Because of the changing attitudes at work, we no longer need to specifically look for ‘fifty plus’ jobs. Age has become much less relevant in the jobs we can do.

So the best jobs for over 50s are the jobs that best suit you. It might simply mean continuing on in the field that you have previously worked in. But if you’re looking to change careers over 50, that’s just as achievable.

It’s really a question of looking at the life experience and skills you have, and finding a job to match. Perhaps you’ve been out of the workplace – but you will have been using important skills during that time. If you were caring for an older relative, for example, there are plenty of care-related roles available where you can demonstrate your experience.

In short, there aren’t many jobs that won’t suit over 50 year olds.

Part time jobs for the over 50s

Many of us decide that part time work is the best choice as we get older. It may be because we have family commitments that don’t allow for a full-time job, or it might be that we want to pursue hobbies or other interests.

Again, this is a great time to find part time jobs for the over 50s. Just take a look at the Workingwise jobs section and you’ll see that there are plenty of opportunities out there. Part time hours are popular, as are home-working opportunities and other flexible jobs. There’s useful information in this article on finding a part time job. 

How to get over 50s jobs in the UK

Getting a job is not much different whether you’re under or over 50. The first important step is to make sure you have a strong CV that brings to life your achievements and experience. The challenge is not making it too long! Remember that you don’t need to list your entire working history. Focus on the past 15-20 years, making sure that any employment gaps are explained.

Read this article for some great CV writing tips.

Job interview tips for over 50s

The secret to delivering a good interview is to relax and be yourself.  Do some research on the company and don’t be afraid to ask a few questions yourself. Often, a good interview feels more like a conversation rather than a question and answer session. It’s just as important for you to find out if the job is right for you as for the interviewer to assess you.

Read some typical interview questions here.

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