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Not quite ready to retire? Instead, are you looking for a new career or work challenge? Many of us want to continue working in retirement, to boost our pension funds or because we want to stay busy. The good news is that there are plenty of jobs for retired people.

At the outset, job hunting can seem overwhelming. You may be worried about ageism in the recruitment process and where on earth to start. It helps to spend time thinking about what you might like to do and what skills and experience you have to offer.

How to find jobs for retired people

Recognising your skills and strengths is vital at every stage of the job hunting process, from initial searches and application to the final interview.

What are the four or five things that you are really good at? What are your areas of interest? These are the places to start when you’re looking for work – but you can still be open-minded about possible jobs in retirement.

You might feel that you want to give something back, in which case you could start looking for jobs with a charitable organisation or perhaps your local authority. Perhaps you’d enjoy a development or mentoring role where you can share the learnings from your own career. Or you might just be looking for a job where you interact with a lot of people.

Part time jobs for retired people

Another important consideration is how much you’d be looking to work each week. Many retirees find that a part-time job is best for their needs.

You might seek to balance work with looking after your grandchildren or caring for a relative. Or you might simply want to make sure you have time for hobbies or other interests.

Online job searches make it easy to narrow down the options to those with part time hours.

Returnships or apprenticeship jobs in retirement

Apprenticeships are a growing initiative in the UK and are described by the Government as an ‘all-age programme’.

Professional apprenticeships are available in all kinds of disciplines and combine work with study. They are particularly useful for those who have not studied for a degree or other higher education qualification.

Apprenticeships are available in a very broad range of fields – just take a look on the Gov.UK apprenticeship page for examples and guidance on how to apply.

Returnships support experienced professionals to return to senior positions following a break from work. These can be highly beneficial for older people who have been out of employment for a period of time.

On a returner programme, you would be employed on short-term paid contracts in a role that matches your skills and experience, helping you ease back into working life and regain your confidence. Returnships are frequently offered by large organisations and can usually be found with an online search.

Contracting and Freelance jobs for retirees

Contracting and freelance work can be a great way to control your own work schedule and potentially work from home. It helps a great deal if you already have contacts that you could approach for some freelance work in your field – or you could also offer your services through a platform like or PeoplePerHour.

Starting your own business in retirement

One way to sidestep the jobseeking process is to start your own company and be self-employed. You might have a business idea that you now have the time to make reality.

Many people in their 50s and 60s run very successful businesses that fit with their lifestyles. It could be professional consultancy, establishing an online shop or even making and selling things online through Etsy or eBay.

Pet sitting, childminding or cleaning are often suitable jobs for retired people. Perhaps franchising could be a good option to explore – there are all kinds of opportunities for older people.

Take time to consider your business plan, to work out how to cover your costs, how you will find clients and how to get off to the best possible start. See our guide to starting an online business from home.

Temping and recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies are also useful in helping you find work, whether it’s temporary, permanent, full-time or part-time. They will put you forward for suitable roles with potential employers.

Employment agencies are free to join. Temping can often be a way into permanent employment, if you’re happy to be fairly flexible with the work you do. Temping agencies match your skills with short term vacancies in your local area.

Applying to jobs for retired people

The first step in finding a suitable job is to make sure you have a strong CV ready for your online job search. There’s plenty of information on workingwise to help. Start with our Tips for Writing a CV and How to write a compelling cover letter.

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