How to find a part time job

There are lots of reasons why you might be looking to get a part time job. You might be aiming to cut back your hours or return to the workplace after a break. Perhaps your circumstances have changed recently. Whatever the reason, you’ll be pleased to know that there are lots of part time jobs out there and there’s something for everyone. Let’s look at how to find part time jobs.

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Whatever your motivations for seeking part time work, you’ll have a key set of job criteria in mind.

Ideally you’ll want a part-time role that pays well, uses your skills and gives you job satisfaction. Here are some things to consider in your part time job search.

Staying with the same employer

If you’re working already, do look into the potential to negotiate a move from full-time to part-time working within your current role. It’s something that employers legally have to consider, and can only reject it if there are clear business reasons.

As part of this, some roles can work well as a job share, where a full-time position is split between two people that hold regular handovers.

If you don’t think your job would work as a part time position, the other option is to seek other roles within your company that are advertised as part time. Your company knowledge and experience could well be an asset in a new role.

How do I find part time jobs near me?

It may be that your employer is not very part time friendly, or perhaps you’re taking the opportunity for a change. Either way, there are plenty of rewarding part time roles out there.

The fastest way to find them is by doing a part time job search. Most job sites will let you search for part-time opportunities in your area, across a broad range of companies and roles.

There are also dedicated part time job websites – like and (you do not have to be a parent to apply for these jobs) – that specialise in sharing more flexible jobs. In addition to part time jobs, these sites will also advertise opportunities where you might work from home or set your own hours. Again you can search by location to help you can find roles near home – but do bear in mind that a home working job might suit you well. These could be advertised nationally.

In general when seeking jobs, start your search broadly – just select ‘part time’ and the region you’re based in. Then, when you have a sense of the number of jobs out there, you can narrow the search down by sector, by role type and by skill.

Other part time options

Many older people decide to go freelance and offer their skills to a number of clients. For certain professions such as IT specialists, copywriters, marketeers and accountants this can be a lucrative approach where you can earn as much part-time as you previously did full-time.

It’s not without risk though – you can’t guarantee your paycheck every month and your earnings will fluctuate over time.

Another option, if you want to combine part-time work with a total career change, is franchising. There are hundreds of proven businesses waiting to be expanded in  your area. You’re your own boss, yet with support to give you confidence and good chances of success.

Getting a part time job

Once you’ve worked out how to find part time jobs, you need to make sure you land it. We have lots of CV writing tips to make your application stand out, advice on returning to work and typical interview questions to help you make the right impression. Good luck!

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