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Fox CyclingHighly profitable investment opportunity

Were you aware that 50% of 6 year olds in the UK today cannot ride a bike?

Unfortunately, many children today miss out on the enjoyment and freedom that previous generations have taken for granted. Not to mention the obvious health benefits and family time. It’s something that we see as a major social issue but is clearly a massive market opportunity for us.

We are Fox Cycling and we’re on a mission to get the world cycling, one community at a time. Could you partner with us to make a difference where you live and build a great business at the same time?  You will be amazed at the demand for what Fox Cycling offers.

In 2018, our pilot franchisee generated over £500 per Cyclekids customer.

At our HQ, based in Portishead near Bristol, parents bring their children from around the UK for us to teach them to cycle. We’re fully booked all year round – so we’re now expanding the reach of our brand through franchising to meet demand.

Having launched this franchise opportunity in August 2019, our first franchisee is due to open for business in December and we’ll open two more in early 2020 – do you have the right skillset and experience to be one of them?

The first ‘Working Mums’ franchisee to sign up with Fox Cycling will receive a 40% discount from the usual price of £20,000

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What’s included?

  1. Full training and support on our proprietary methodology for our group and one to one learn to cycle programmes.
  2. A fleet of pedal bikes for use as demonstration models
  3. Deposit payment on your Fox Cycling van
  4. All equipment and teaching resources
  5. Launch support and a business mentor
  6. Your own exclusive territory including 10,000 potential customers
  7. State of the art on-line booking system and e-commerce business
  8. Distribution of light weight child specific pedal bikes within your territory

What makes us special?

We are passionate about teaching children to cycle and we’re the best in the business! In fact, we’re so confident in our proprietary methodology that our one to one tuition  product guarantees to get a child pedalling within an hour.

Our pilot operation taught 169 children to ride in 2018 generating £100k revenue solely from one to one sessions and bike sales.

In fact in 2018, for every two children that we taught to cycle, we sold three pedal bikes! If you’re looking for an exciting new market where customer spend can exceed £500 each, Fox Cycling could be the opportunity that you’ve been searching for.

The franchisee can deliver sessions themselves or contract instructors to deliver the sessions while the franchisee manages the business.

For the customer, we have the ability to deliver the “wow factor” and give a child a real sense of achievement (and often relief for parents who’ve been unsuccessfully trying to teach their child to ride for weeks or even months!).

As a franchise opportunity, we also believe that we stand out from the crowd.  As well as delivering the CycleTots group  pre-school classes and the  CycleKids one-to-one sessions, you would also  rent balance bikes and sell proper light weight child specific bikes pedal bikes and balance bikes (and accessories such as helmets).  All done from Fox Cycling central online portal, delivered to the customers door.

We’re a service business whose major revenue stream is on-line retail.

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Who are we looking for?

Naturally this opportunity will attract those with an interest in cycling, however that is not a requirement as no prior knowledge or experience is necessary. We are far more interested in identifying franchise partners with a passion for delivering a high level of service, integrity and inter-personal skills.

If this is your first venture into business or even if it is not, Fox Cycling offers full and comprehensive business mentoring and central marketing allowing you to learn as you go.

A Fox Cycling franchise would suit a number of circumstances – either as an owner/operator whereby you deliver the products yourself or as a manager that oversees a small team of instructors.  Part-time or full-time, individual or an existing business looking for additional revenue streams – we’re looking for quality rather than quantity.  For with either model, we’re all about delivering exceptional customer experiences in everything that we do – the bar for a Fox Cycling franchisee is high.

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Fox Cycling Financial Data

The following financial information was provided by Fox Cycling to give you more information about the costs associated with a Fox Cycling opportunity.

Financial information – The franchise package

The franchisee fee is only £12,000 and with potential to earn over £500 per customer, our pilot operation taught 169 children to ride in 2018 generating £100k revenue solely from one to one sessions and bike sales. The franchisee can deliver sessions themselves or contract instructors to deliver the sessions while the franchisee manages the business.

The following low, mid and high levels of business are based on 10 children per Cycletots classes with none of the classes delivered by the franchisee.

  1. Low level of business: 10 Cycletots classes per week to generate revenue of £45,650 and a net profit of £13,000.
  2. Mid level of business: 20 Cycletots classes per week generates £91,860 revenue with a net profit of £36,270
  3. High level of business per franchise: 30 Cycletots classes per week generates £138,000 revenue per annum with a net profit of £59,465.

If the franchisee delivers some/all of the classes themselves, the net profit will increase.

As the owner of a Fox Cycling franchise you will enjoy the attractive profits whilst building a premium asset for you to sell when you are ready to exit.

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Cycletots License Opportunity £1,950


Are you interested in running a unique but successful business that promotes child development while enabling tots to become ready for cycling a pedal bike?  Are you are looking for a part time business that works around your family while proving a  full-time salary? Our Cycletots license is different to our franchise opportunity.

At only £1,950 + VAT, this is a perfect stepping stone to start the journey of running your own business.
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Fox Cycling Announce First Franchisee October 16, 2019

Bristol based cycling franchisor Fox Cycling have awarded their first franchise to former teacher, Darren Wall.

Covering an area south of Bristol including Clevedon, Nailsea and Yatton, Darren will attend training at the company’s headquarters in Portishead later this year before formerly opening for business in the New Year.

Fox Cycling specialise in teaching children to cycle and many children that they teach are riding confidently within 45 minutes. Founder Steven Fox started the business seven years ago and felt that franchising his concept was the natural next step, “Parents are coming to us at the weekend from further afield than you might think – we’re fully booked every Saturday year round so the market is clearly there.

We’re looking for franchisees to make a difference in their community, whilst building a great business at the same time, so we’re really excited that Darren wanted to join us and look forward to supporting him.”

Darren Wall believed that this was the right opportunity for him at the right stage of his life, “I’ve worked in education for a number of years and I’m a cyclist myself so there was an obvious attraction to this opportunity. But the financials still had to stack up, so what convinced me was that whilst the management team are so friendly and approachable, they are extremely professional and diligent in their approach.

These guys are not messing around. They told me that they aim to build the first national children’s “learn to cycle” brand across the UK and I have no doubt that they will do exactly that.”

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40% Off Franchise Fee for First ‘Working Mums’ Franchisee October 15, 2019

The children’s cycling experts have announced that two further pilot franchisee packages are available for a start in early 2020.

The initial plan was to offer only one pilot franchise at a discounted rate, however that opportunity was snapped up almost immediately and now having received external investment, joint founders Angela Reed-Fox and  Steve Fox said that the company was keen to invest some of that money in identifying one further pilot franchisee, even if that means subsidising their start up costs.

“We’re in the position that we now have sufficient resources to support multiple new franchisees and we recognise that establishing additional  pilot franchisees’ businesses is the best way to build the Fox Cycling brand. As our advisor, Gareth pointed out, a lot of people perceive the “pilot phase” to a be more risky but actually the reverse is true.

The earliest franchisees tend to get an overdose of head office support because a franchisor literally cannot afford for them to be anything other than a resounding success.”

The company welcome applications to become pilot franchisees at a discounted rate of £12,000 rather than the full £20,000, which will be awarded at their discretion.

“We’re not in a rush to get people involved, we’re in a rush to get the right people involved in growing our brand in their community. We’ve set the bar high and we have to be confident that any potential franchisee will become a great ambassador for the Fox Cycling brand. We know who we’re looking for and if someone matching that profile comes forward, we have no problem in subsidising their franchise fee.”

The Fox Cycling franchise is suitable for either an individual passionate about cycling, or equally, as a management franchise where a team of instructors can be trained and employed to deliver the services.

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Fox Cycling Attract Investment From Industry Leader October 14, 2019

In November 2018, a friend suggested to Fox Cycling founder Steve Fox that he meet up for a coffee with a contact who had some experience in franchising.

Angela and Steve  had a vision for expanding his successful brand across the UK but had initially been put off franchising by the costs quoted by the franchise consultants he’d met.

So Angela and Steve  met with Sports Xtra and UK Active Kids founder Gareth Lippiatt and the journey to launching the Fox Cycling franchise began that day.

“Gareth was in Cardiff on business so we chatted for a couple of hours about children’s physical activity and franchising. We were on the same page and having sold a company a few months earlier, Gareth had the capacity to look at new projects.

Under his guidance we made a plan to start franchising within twelve months – it’s been intensive work to get everything in order but things have gone better than I could have imagined.”

Less than a year later, Fox Cycling have already recruited one franchisee and expect to have further news to announce if discussions with a couple of candidates continue to progress well. Impressed with what he’s seen, Cambridge MBA graduate Lippiatt was keen to back the project with his own money.

“I was initially struck by Angela’s and Steve’s  passion and energy – I’d gone to the meeting thinking that we’d have a coffee and I’d give him some advice as a favour for a mutual friend. But the more I saw, the more I liked it and actually, in terms of the business model Steve’s developed, Fox Cycling has a genuine opportunity to emulate the likes of Water Babies.

Talk about me potentially investing started very early, but in the end I’ve been hassling Angela and Steve to finalise that now because I suspect that this could fly very quickly now the first one is on board. I’ve met the first pilot franchisee, Darren, a few times and if Steve can find more people like him, I have no doubt that this brand will be very successful.”

As well as providing capital, Fox’s new investor will continue to work with the senior management team and mentoring the early franchisees to establish their businesses.

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Fox Cycling Testimonials

My 12 year old son who was told he would never ride a bike following brain damage at birth went for a lesson with Fox Cycling at Fox Cycling. The instructors calm manner and Fox Cycling’s brilliant teaching process got him riding a two wheeled bike in less than an hour. The experience was fantastic, there needs to be a Fox Cycling in every town. We will never forget what Fox Cycling have done for our family. We now have a very excited boy who loves to ride his bike. We can now ride as a family.

Andrew B, Bristol

Becoming a Fox Cycling franchisee has exceeded my expectations. The business support from Gareth has been excellent, so helpful, patient and supportive. The training required to deliver the sessions was highly engaging and informative, very quickly I learnt the knowledge and confidence to begin teaching. I became a Fox Cycling franchisee because I recognised the demand for a ‘national learn to cycle brand’ that offered parents a convenient, high quality one stop shop to get children cycling and with the correct equipment. So pleased I did this.

Darren G, North Somerset

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Our daughter has dyspraxia and was 7 went we heard about Fox Cycling. She found balance and coordination very difficult and the thought of riding a bike was out of the question. Within 1.5 sessions, Sophia was cycling on her own confidently with a big smile on her face. The Fox Cycling model is brilliant, not only is it a fun progressive process to get children cycling in next to no time, but Fox Cycling also sell proper lightweight kids bikes which we purchased. Our friends also purchased a bike from Fox Cycling. The service and care to ensure the correct bike was purchased was fantastic. What an amazing model. There needs to be more of these around the country.

Julia B, Bath

Great experience from start to finish. Easy to book. Warm Welcome. Great instructor. Great results. Kids loved it. Would recommend to anyone. We have told all our friends and they are looking forward to a Fox Cycling starting in their area.

Sally M, Cycletots parent


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