Initial Investment

From £12,500

Ongoing Fee

150+VAT, or a 10% royalty fee monthly


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eDivert offers a unique franchise opportunity, which can be started from your home office. eDivert and its franchise network deliver high quality Business Support services to companies in every sector. Our services include:

  • Virtual Assistant Services, including administrative services, telephone answering, bookkeeping, diary management, transcription and so on
  • Marketing Services, including email marketing, social media and telemarketing

Unlike a traditional franchise, you don’t buy a geographical area. Instead we help you specialise in the services that you enjoy, which you can then deliver UK-wide.

As part of the eDivert network, you will have the opportunity to take work on from other franchisees and from head office, which allows you to grow your business 3x faster than when you start on your own.

Once you get too busy yourself, you can outsource some of your work to other franchisees within the network, knowing that they have received the same training as you have, and share the same values.

In the eDivert network, franchisees are completely independent, but at the same time truly work together, with ongoing support from Head Office. It offers THE SOLUTION to a perfect work life balance.

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Key Features

  • Flexible working hours
  • Part-time or full-time
  • Access to holiday cover when you need time off
  • Secured income through work outsourced via Head Office
  • Average income of £8,000 – £10,000 per month (full-time) and £2,500 – £4,000 (part-time)
  • Be independent and part of a team at the same time
  • Expert and personalised training to kick-start your business
  • Ongoing support from Head Office
  • Tried-and-tested business model
  • Proven success

Our eDivert Network

As a business, we are passionate about our people – it is what makes us so unique! Our company structure guarantees that you will have a strong team ready to support you in any situation.

After all, our success starts from yours! On average, new franchisees like to start with 10 hours of work a week from Head Office to get their business going.

edivert support

About You

We welcome franchisees from a variety of professional and educational backgrounds, ensuring that eDivert has the widest skill set on offer to business communities around the UK.

Previous PA, customer service, sales or marketing experience is helpful, but most importantly, you will need a can-do attitude! We are looking for individuals with drive, dedication, passion and an eagerness to learn.

Our franchise opportunity is ideal for mothers who would like a flexible work solution to fit around their children.

You must be highly organised, efficient and professional with a sense of urgency and tenacity.

Don’t worry if you have not had previous experience as a virtual assistant, our personal assistants are far more than this, and full training is provided.

Our franchisees are all self-motivated and resourceful, approachable and natural networkers.

Financial Information

At eDivert we offer 1 franchise package: Elite £12,500 + VAT. This includes everything you need to get going, plus an automated marketing system and a set of unique contacts, which will help you grow your business a lot quicker in the first 3 years. The Elite package further includes more contacts, your own website and business mentoring. The franchise term for the package is for 5 years and can be renewed at no additional fee.

At eDivert we like to keep things simple. We only ask our franchisees to pay one monthly royalty fee for the ongoing support and brand exposure that we offer. There are no other hidden charges. New franchisees start paying £150 + VAT a month when they join, and this monthly royalty fee goes up to 10% of turnover as their business grows.

These funds are re-invested in marketing for the franchise network and development of training and workshops for the franchisees.Our franchise offer is fully flexible and scalable, so you can adjust the amount of time spent on your business as and when your situation changes.

Training and Support

Our Training and Support are second to none and is provided remotely through interactive webinars. So you won’t have to worry about additional costs for travel or overnight stays.

In the training we provide you with all the information from starting your business, to what marketing strategy to use to grow your business, and how to deliver the services.

We also go in more depth into how to close a sale with a potential customer and how to handle difficult customers.  After the training, you continue to have easy access to head office and the other franchisees for any support you may require.

edivert training

We also supply monthly marketing materials, training videos, help with business planning, an annual conference and ongoing training.

  • Earning potential will vary depending on the amount of time you have to devote to your business and the business model you choose. As an example, with 20 chargeable hours per week, you could turnover £30,000 per year if you work on your own, or £96,000 if you work full-time and outsource some of your work to the franchise network.
  • At eDivert we offer 3 franchise packages, starting from £5,400. Our Essential Package offers you a start-up kit and online training. Our Accelerator and Elite packages at £9,500 and £12,500 include everything from the Essential Package, plus an automated marketing system and a set of unique contacts, which will help you grow your business quicker. The franchise term for each of the packages is for 5 years and can be renewed at no additional fee.

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eDivert Franchise Desk image eDivert Franchise Stand

Lyndsey eDivert Franchise

Lyndsey, eDivert franchisee in Wigan

Why did you choose to buy into an eDivert franchise?

In 2017 I started out trying to build my own VA business. I applied for a Freelancer position with Kim to cover some of her work whilst she went on holiday. Building my own business with no Brand, Website, Marketing Collateral, Pricing Structure or Policies and Procedures was tough. I really enjoyed working with Kim, I liked the way she did things and when she mentioned the eDivert Franchise Opportunity – it was a no brainer of a decision.

What has the eDivert franchise offered you until now?

Confidence, the strength of an existing Brand, the support of Kim – so I am not doing this on my own! More importantly, a source of income in the early days by taking on Head Office work.

Why would you recommend the eDivert franchise to others?

The initial buy in cost is significantly lower than any other VA Franchise. Kim is incredibly supportive and is an incredibly successful Business Woman. The brand and the website and the way we “do business” impresses people!

 What has been your biggest achievement until now as an eDivert franchisee?

I have 2! Paying back my investment inside of 6 months and getting to capacity within 8 months.

How do you find the work life balance as an eDivert franchisee?

It is fantastic! I have a little boy who is 5, so I only work within school hours.

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